1. Lenore

    Chloe feels Sparkle’s pain, as only a rabbit who spent most of last year in a cone can…. Glad to hear the surgery went well and that Sparkle is recovering and still managing to make you feel guilty for it…:)

  2. Mom

    I know how you feel Brad — almost hitting a deer — I have experienced two very close calls and a couple of not so close calls. Scary!!! I should add that those close calls have occurred over a period of about 10 years of driving old Hwy. 11 east of Red Deer, so not very high odds. I have seen many a dead deer lying alongside the road – too many to hazard a guess. I have also seen two enormous moose galloping towards Hwy 11 – too far off for me to worry about but not so far off that I flashed my headlights to warn approaching vehicles to be on the alert. Flashing headlights mean: watch out for roaming wildlife or roaming RCMP – which ever you generally slow down and keep an eye out.

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