not.ten.reasons to live in vancouver

10 ::.. Everyone is a writer, poet, singer, actor, performer, or something — and very few of them have any talent whatsoever.

9 ::.. Satellite kids who drive more expensive cars than the rest of us can afford, street race, and then jack up insurance premiums for he whole city.

8 ::.. 7.5% extra on everything you buy. That’s an extra $7.50 on a hundred. On a vehicle — a cheap vehicle — that works about to another $1500 in tax, before you pay the GST on top of that.

7 ::.. ICBC

6 ::.. “Hey buddy, can you do me a favour? I just need to borrow a quarter or two so I can take the bus downtown and meet this guy I’m supposed to meet, and I’m just — like — thirty… no, thirty-five cents short and if you…”

5 ::.. Save the whales, save the environment, save the homeless and downtrodden, save the sick, the poor, and depressed, save the hospitals and healthcare, save the hippies and their pot, save every stinking thing because it’s all worth saving.

4 ::.. Smoking monkeys

3 ::.. Non-stop Olympic debate even after the bid has been successfully awarded.

2 ::.. Scary… no REALLY scary… mid-thirty-ish skater chicks riding the Skytrain and swearing profusely at their (ex) boyfriends.

1 ::.. The smell of burning cannibis sativa on every street corner, down every alley, and even as your out for your evening run through the local park.

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