arg. and that’s how that goes then

Just off a busy weekend excursion to Alberta, I’ve returned to work and spent the day numbing my mind in front of a computer monitor pouring over the last edits of a couple articles due soon to my editor. hahaha. And all I really want to do is go home and play my new Playstation2 (lugged back from Ded Reer safe and sound in the overhead compartment of the airplane and then on my back through the 4-bus puke-filled adventure). I’ve posted a new gallery of wedding pics from this weekend. The joys of having a digital camera and lots of server space.

On the aforementioned accusations all I can say is that all your evidence is circumstantial and — while I do thoroughly enjoy a good jess-roast now and then — I had little to nothing to do with the spidering of the blogspot databases that plunkered you into Blogshares… Though my current blogshare net worth is currently in the high 6 digits. hahahaha. Beat that!

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