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    […] In late 2002, I stopped at the mall on my way home from work one day and bought my very first digital camera. There it was. A sparkling new Canon PowerShot A40, a whopping two (read it, 2) mega-pixel camera, that was dearly adequate at the time. (Remember, in those days it was speculation and front page news on Slashdot when some company claimed to have built a consumer-ready 12 mega-pixel camera. Today, you wouldn’t settle for much less than that in a high-quality digi-cam. But back then, way back, four years ago, that was science fiction.) Toy that it was — and cheap as I was on buying memory — there are a lot of mediocre images left over from that short time. I say short, because some of you will recall that one particular night, about three months later my world changed. The personal implications and fallout from that day are numerous and not to be discussed in detail here, but one simple result is that I now have bad memories of St. Patrick’s Day. Why? Because that was the day this camera disappeared from my life after our apartment was robbed. Dev — a — sta — tion. Pow! Bam! Splat! Move on. In that short span of three months, I managed to click the shutter on that baby well over three-thousand times. In three months I dragged that camera on train ride through the mountains, over to Europe and around the Netherlands for 10 days, and explore the complexities of living in Burnaby, BC plant life and all. But it was gone. […]

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