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It’s one of those guilty pleasures. Part of getting married — and I didn’t exactly create this tradition, so don’t pass the blame this way — is that people buy you things as gifts. I don’t know why. I imagine that it has something to do with sending a new couple on their way with things for their new life together. I suppose it is a blessing of sorts. I figure it’s probably just a nice thing, or at least thats what I thougt when I bought/brought gifts for the weddings I’ve attended in the recent past.

But it’s this precise niceness that creates the necessity for what could be easily misinterpretted as a gift grab: The gift registry. I mean, don’t get me wrong. In some kind of guilty way, its a fun thing to walk around a store and make a wish list of stuff. I used to do it at Christmas when I was a kid (good ol’ Sears Christmas Catalog) and, hell, last fall I made one on Amazon. But it wasn’t like I actually expected anyone to buy stuff off of it. It wasn’t as if I made the list and sat back waiting for delivery.

Why this rant? Well, Karin and I did the evil last evening, and made ourselves a wedding registry at the Bay. Hey, it’s just a small one — a simple one — a fill in the gaps of the fact we’ve been living on our own for a while now and there are only a few things we haven’t gotten around to buying ourselves yet, one — so, yeah. I just wanted to announce that and clear the slate: we did it out of sheer obligation. You don’t want to buy a gift — great. Just come. Be there. That’s all we really want. [sniff sniff — I’ll lose the weepers, okay]

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