While I can in no way compete with the “post-performance blahs” lamented by Jess, I can at the very least complain about the fact that when I arrived at work this morning there was a message in my inbox relating how I would be spending the next hour and a half. Apparently twelve of the thirteen power bars that we use here in the office have been recalled as “possible fire hazards” which is not only a fun thing to find out in the morning, but meant that I had to crawl around on the floor recording serial numbers and meticulously entering them into the the power bar company’s web recall form so that we can get new ones. Now I just want to go to sleep.

This, of course, was a kick in the pants of my so-called-computer-life after the events of the last two days. Don’t ya hate it when some vital part of your system just dies unexpectedly, leaving no indication of why it has died, but just a wake of uselessness in it’s path? I know, it’s not very relatable. The short story is something along the lines of my USB stopped working, and — having such nifty things as a USB camera, scanner, and (most importantly) mouse — my computer was pretty much useless until I paid $40 and spent numerous hours repairing the problem. I think it is still having a couple issues, but I gave up on them last night in favour of round one of the Europe photo slide-show, and a double scoop of Oh Henry ice cream.

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