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According to everyone’s favorite lack.of.tact news source slashdot, an individual who fails to sign their name to a post is unceremoniously dubbed an “Anonymous Coward.” Yes, it’s true. Click on the link and go look. They are numerous.

Yesterday — not unlike many days of my life — I recieved an email from, believe it or not, my mom. However, she played the role of the AC. She didn’t even bother to sign her name, and left me to assume — albeit an obvious assumption — that it was in fact her (and not dad) writing the correspondence. Our resulting electronic conversation, emailed briefly over a few short letters, went something like this…

mom: [insert bunch of stuff about the world here, and neglect to sign your name — dropping the letter abruptly with an open ended thought…]

brad: Did you press the send button before you finished writing, or do you usually forget to sign your emails?

mom: I guess I assumed you would know it was your mother. [signed] Your mother.

Now, I’m not one to get up on a soap box and complain — ahem, cough, cough — but I think it’s just common courtesy for an individual (a teacher, by the way) to sign a note, regardless of how informal it may be. I mean, has it really come to this? Has it really stooped to the level where a mother can’t be bothered to sign her moniker in a letter to her own flesh and blood. My world has collapsed in upon itself. My reality is faded to black. Woe is me.

Well, maybe that’s a little harsh.

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