is that I finally have a few free seconds to scratch a handful of digital sentences into this page. is that even though I managed to finish it, it took me a total of 8 hours – four yesterday, and four more today – to complete a re-install of Windows on one of the machines here in the office. That might sound like a little too much effort – and it was – but I was making it into a dual boot system with NT and 98 – and this led to more headaches than was really necessary.

Things that (slightly):

1.. While buying a cheap ($2) sub at Subway, I ran into Chris and his pal Shawn. We dined together, and had a refreshing non-work-related chat.

2.. Karin sent me a card to cheer me up…

3.. En route to work this morning I noticed that the local video store is selling ALL their pre-viewed DVD at 2 for $22 bucks…

4.. Another email from Karin related the story of a new branch in Canada. Does this mean more cheap books?

5.. The LONG weekend is only 3.5 more days away!

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