Weddings, weddings, weddings…

…what the %#@!? I wish I had some news about something else, say, like a new baby from the Lerouges (hint, hint if you are reading this – doubtful – but whatever), or a job acquisition by bro or sis-in-law… either/or… you decide. Is it just me, or are there a lot of weddings and wedding stuff this year: 2002 the year of the wedded, et cetera.

Okay, but no offence intended. So once again congratulations to Zach and Alice. Read the continuing chronicles of this adventure sure to appear in the daily rantings of one Mr. Brown – link courtesy of Karin. Reflecting on the simplicity of all that, taking into account that Alice-Zach are a sensible and well-grounded human beings, and knowing that what we don’t need is another reason to question our own chosen paths, I shan’t doubt that many people, including she, will need to read any advice on the subject. Meanwhile, I think I’ll sit back and wait for inspiration.

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