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Weekend: Karin, half the office, and I take off to Mesachie Lake, a small lakeside town nestled somewhere in the middle of Vancouver Island. It takes a ferry ride and about seven hours worth of travel – one way – but it turns out to be an eventful weekend. Summarizing the weekend: A handful of community firehalls get together once a year to have a big softball tournament. We – being a charity tied to firefighters – were invited to have a team. We didn’t quite play up to the standards of the other teams, but we made a good showing and only embarassed ourselves a little bit. For a more thorough examination of this you’ll need to check out the photogallery (on the side there somewhere) and look through a few of the photos: I took 200 but only posted 25, weeding the bad from the good (and relevant ones) for your viewing pleasure.

This morning: Slept in slightly – I set my alarm for eight-ish, and normally this means I would listen to the news for 30 minutes to an hour before crawling from bed. However, when the first thing you hear on the radio is how there was a two-alarm fire a block away on your apartment, then you fly out of bed pretty quick with interest. I had my windows open, but didn’t hear the sirens – shows you how tired I was – but the pool hall and the little seafood restaurant are apparently going to be closed for a little while. I’ve always wanted to try that little place, but now it seems that I won’t get the chance…

Now I’m at work – finishing up on some things I left behind last week, and trying to keep my eyes open: I hope Karin is doing better at her first day of work.

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