a quick note

Karin says: Just a quick note to let you know that things are going well, ttyl :)

I guess that means they gave her a computer. I, on the other hand, used my computer to upload a stack of photos to futureshop for printing. It’s nice to have the selection from the digital, but who wants to look at photos on a computer screen? Unfortunately their webpage didn’t explain things too deeply and when I wandered down that direction at lunch the nice lady at the counter informed me that I should have uploaded them using a different page: in other words my photos should be ready tomorrow. Sigh.

On the oversized-balloon side-of-things: Staples is now open on the bottom floor of our building. I guess that is handy for office supplies and cheap pop, but you really need to be in the right mood to want to go browsing there on a lunch hour. Um, yeah… I think I’ll go buy myself a letter tray on a whim. Unlike Chapters (books), Toys R Us (toys) or the aforementioned electronics store (DVDs, Stereo Equipment), I rarely have the urge to browse glue sticks. But like I said, that big balloon they put up on the roof – blocking our view of the other buildings – is just wonderful.

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