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    […] Inevitably, things changed: for one there was Vancouver. This was my own little digital revolution. The second day at my new job, fresh off of three months of post-graduation unemployment, my boss drops a beautiful box on my desk, sealed, with a brand-new, top-of-the-line (at the time) Canon S200 and says something like: “You’re technical right? Learn how to use this so you can be the photographer at events. Take it home for the weekend and figure it out.” Who needs good pay or dental benefits when you’ve got perks like that? Weekend turned quickly into weekends, and I began to make a point of wandering Vancouver and it’s streets, making trips to Stanley Park, or sometimes taking my lunch breaks on walking tours of Granville Island with the sole purpose of snapping pictures and working to enhance my ability to take shots for when that real duty called for some publishable work-related images. I studied that camera and I learned it’s every feature for twelve whole months — before I finally figured I should get my own. This, of course, began the progression of ever-better digital point-and-shoots that would lead to my slow and gradual education on the nuances of light and color, composition and careful experimentation with tolerable imaging. This is where the katamari picked up a cow. […]

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