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They are elusive little buggers, dragonflies.

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A bit of rain, a bit of sun, and a lot of weeding…

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It’s been the perfect week for an awesome new hat. The weather has either been pounding rain or burning sun, with temperatures in the low 30C range. On Saturday, we drove out to a little lake in North-Eastern Alberta called Lac Santé where we spent the day faux camping in the undeveloped lake lot of a relative of a friend of a relative. Three degrees of separation gets you something I guess. Tilley got a bit of light drizzle in the early afternoon and then enjoyed some scattered cloudiness for the rest of the day while I did some photography. Yesterday, however, the true test of hot-weather-awesomeness rolled in as we were down in the park, helping the local France Society set up for the upcoming Heritage Festival, by pitching tents, building wooden walls, assembling a temporary kitchen, and trying to stay cool in the late afternoon heat. The rim actually got pretty stiff from the extra sweat by kept cool and some quasi-cowboy styling likely made up for the sweaty-doesn’t-speak-french random-dudeness of my presence in the francophone crepe tent.

Outings: 2.
Distance Logged: about 500km.

# Had a great time last night helping the Societe France Edmonton set up the crepe making tent at the Heritage Festival. My French may still be pretty weak, but I can unload a truck and pitch a tent pretty well.
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She made us smoothies for dinner the other night. Yum!

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I've been forcing myself to shoot almost exclusively --at least 80%-- in full manual mode on my new camera. It means some of my photos are not as strong as they could be, but I've learned a whole bunch more.
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I bought myself a tripod a half-a-year ago now. It’s a mid-range Manfrotto, and I’ve been having fun using it for things like night photography and some backyard macros. But there is one problem: I have been using the wrong kind of head with it. See, when you buy an “expensive’ pro-style tripod, there is the built-in assumption that you may want to use it for more than one thing: so they sell it modularly. That is to say, you buy the legs and then you buy a head. Then you connect them together for different effect. There are simple heads, ball heads, video heads, panning heads, and heads that cost more than the legs. I bought a headless tripod because I owned a low-end head that I was using on my monopod. Which was fine. For a while. Monopod heads are about as simple as they come, but get the job done if you’re not picky. But I suddenly find myself in a position where it’s like, say, buying a convertible car and realizing you didn’t buy the roof for it (which would be silly, yes) … and then thinking you may need to drive in the rain on occasion. So, I’ve been head-shopping, but without much success so far.

I don't think it would be easy, but by modelling, anecdotes, and a kind of mentorship style I think you can quasi-teach a lot of things, parenting included.
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# I was up at 5am again. Claire joined me at 5:30 but chose to spend her extra half hour of the day playing Disney Infinity.
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The original plan to run every day prior to our trip fell through. I’ll blame weather (it poooooooured rain on Friday) and a minor injury (ankle/calf thing on the same day) for me missing a couple day’s worth of runs. Thus the problem became “miss one… miss more than one.” So, I didn’t run on Saturday either. *sigh* Of course, lacing up and doing an almost (but just a few steps short of) eighteen klick run on Sunday morning sort-of made up for it. We followed a long twisty path through the neighborhood before dropping into the river/creek valleys and wended our way through a nicely shaded and rain-softened gravel trail. It helped to beat the heat. Coincidentally, we met up with the marathon group –who had left an hour earlier than us– who was on the final few klicks of their twenty-nine and had the same stay-in-the-shade plan as us. Now, the question is, do find the motivation to pick up my toppled run-every-day plan starting tonight again… or rest up for vacay?

The sound of canned laughter on the tv show I'm also watching.
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