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A final impression of the novel itself which just a few minutes ago I completed.

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…everyone is compelled by something, and for me: words.

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John Dies at the End (7.1) Cracked Me Up

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..it seems to be something along the lines of a bizarro, hipster poltergeist-type story.

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Falling Free (6.2) Fast-Paced Space Yarn

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All we get is Leo… space station welding teacher, who sees a bad situation and picks the right side.

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be real but pragmatic about loss

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I had been pick-pocketed earlier in the day while out-and-about on my lunch break…

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Karin discovered that there just happens to be a bookstore that deals exclusively in French books hiding over near the Campus Saint-Jean near Bonnie Doon. We took the detour there on Saturday afternoon and she spent a good hour poking through the selection of children’s books and picking out a small arm-load to take home with us. We’ve found that the actual French immersion classwork has been good, but the resource library at Claire’s school is a little bit lacking. She comes home with books that may seem fun, but are chock full of complex grammar or made-up vocabulary that we don’t understand, and goes right over her head. The trick is to find something both that we can read and that is geared at clear language — not clever stories or marketing toys. I also nabbed a collection of (translated) Roald Dahl to try reading aloud; Amazingly enough, I actually think I may be able to.

# One guess who was up at quarter after five this morning ...and it wasn't the guy running the half marathon in a couple hours.
22 Feb 02015 at twenty to seven am
# I know it's called the HYPO Half Marathon, but seeing -15C as a temperature right now is a little disheartening.
22 Feb 02015 at twenty to seven am

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