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Certain scenarios come along that just beg for fast thinking and adaptive tweaking of your settings.

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…even if that is just a faint digital scratch on the surface of the universe.

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# Yesterday at this time I was nursing the idea of running home after work again. A minor injury changed my plans, but with this downpour this afternoon I would likely have reconsidered anyhow. I mean there is running in the rain and then there is running in the stupid rain...
25 Jul 02014 at nearly four pm
More free time.
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I will say that I haven’t played much, if any, Minecraft since my hosted server suddenly went dark four months ago. Quietly in the background my mobile iOS version has been routinely updated, however, as development continues and new features are added. So, it may not be entirely surprising for you to learn that I’ve been juggling my commuting time this last couple weeks between studying French on Duolingo and picking away at a new mobile Minecraft world on my phone, a feat that seems much less pointless how that they’ve added infinite worlds. Time will tell if I too quickly get frustrated with the micro mobile controls and take my addiction back to the desktop version, or if I tough it out and push through on the four inch screen little brother. As these days I don’t seem to have much free time for gaming anywhere but on the train, I’m thinking the mobile version still has an edge.

# Even just twenty minutes of feeling less rushed before work each morning is worth every second of a much earlier wake up call. #upatfiveam
24 Jul 02014 at twenty to eight am
# It almost seems like the only thing I use the web browser on my phone for these days is to sign into free wifi hotspots.
24 Jul 02014 at twenty to eight am
The sleepless too-hot nights.
a sums & pieces for 24 Jul 02014
# On my way to a million words? I just noted that I passed the 975k word mark on my blog this evening. #itsthelittlethings & the #countdown is on!
23 Jul 02014 at twenty to ten pm

It’s not going to be easy, but I think I’ve decided that in order to get myself back on track (at least until vacation) I’m gonna try and run every single day between now (well, yesterday) and when we leave on holiday. The rule will be to run AT LEAST three klicks every day until gear-up en route to our vacation destination. Day two having just completed, I’m cooling off from a short-but-hot not-quite-four-klick easy jaunt around the neighborhood. Hey… no point in over-doing it, right?

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