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It’s simply not the epic failure some are making it out to be.

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…not just spring, but cleaning, planning, and savouring the spring as it twists slowly into summer.

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Reloaded: Too Legit Edition

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I’m not going to complain about the four day weekend that is looming upon my doorstep…

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Week of Lists: Spring Cleaning Edition

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…not just spring, but cleaning, planning, and savouring the spring as it twists slowly into summer.

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# #100happydays #dailyhappy (20/100) ...waking up to find my daughter cuddled up beside me. #sheHadABadDream
on 16 Apr 02014 at 8:16am
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (19/100) ... listening to the dramatization audiobook of "12 Angry Men" and then listening to it again, all over one more time. And knowing that I only paid 99 cents for it. #dailydeal
on 15 Apr 02014 at 7:01pm

I was going to go out running tonight, but — and do I even need to write it down? — it started snowing. Again. Insert your favourite expletive string here. I may have. So, I pulled a lazy. I’m done with the snow. I’m done with the cold. I’m done running in wind with the little bits of ice spiking against my face. I’m done with icy, slippery sidewalks. And I’m done with winter. I just couldn’t face it. Again. Not tonight. Instead, I stayed home where it’s still mostly warm and just hoped that this is the last of it… at least until November.

The Pixel Game: Simple Determination

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It seemed a fitting start to a new effort: just a dash of simple determination.

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# #100happydays #dailyhappy (18/100) ...finally watching all the video I took while I was running the Dopey Challenge in January. Really. I hadn't looked at any of it until tonight.
on 14 Apr 02014 at 9:11pm
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (17/100) ...playing boardgames on the floor with Claire on a quiet Sunday afternoon. #iLost
on 13 Apr 02014 at 9:12pm
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (16/100) ...coaching my mom out on a run. 4km.
on 12 Apr 02014 at 11:14pm
# #100happydays #dailyhappy (15/100) ...a new photo project to sink my lens into.
on 11 Apr 02014 at 11:10pm
The Pixel Game

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A kind of scavenger-hunt, subject-of-the-week challenge started to interest me instead.

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I discovered that I still had my old photo-a-day blog hanging around. The WordPress installation was woefully out of date and I (obviously) hadn’t updated it in over a year and a half, but it was still there, existing, gathering a slow trickle of traffic. I’ve been trying to think of some other BIG photography project into which to sink my teeth. The photo-a-day thing results in a high-pressure, awesome collection of pics, but I think I end up sacrificing quality for quantity. I mean, deadlines are great, but I’m not really into doing that again right away. Maybe 2015. But not now. That said, I’ve got a few vague ideas about what I’d like to do, and I wrote as much in a new post on the aforementioned blog. So… just thinking aloud (or whatever) here, but if you have any stellar ideas for an epic photo project, please… comment.

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