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Beware and keep your guard up because the next seven days are about to get spooky.

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What if one was to remove the technological aspect and simplify?

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4 Awesome Blog Topics for Spooky Posts

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Think of it like trick-or-treating, but with blog topics instead of candy!

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Probably that pic of Claire befriending a ladybug she found while helping with the autumn yard work.
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With NaNoWriMo 2014 just a few measly hours away (thirty-some is a few, right?) I’m reminded of the reason why I (if not in participation, then in solidarity) follow along with this annual amateur writing event each year. And while it’s been a solid four years since I participated with the intent of finishing a book, I was re-reading my “7 Reasons to Write That Novel” post (which not-so-oddly crops up in my web analytics and blog traffic reports this time of year) and I was kinda thinking that I’d be remiss (with only my running the real impediment to my participation this year) if I didn’t at least try to write a few words. So I guess I mean to say that if a plot or idea occurs to me in that next thirty-some hours, you may be reading much more than my vague contemplation in the coming weeks.

My fourth attempt at leading a running clinic began in earnest on Tuesday (so there is still time to join us! *wink, wink*) We’ll be training for four months over the deepest, coldest part of winter, keeping each other warm with good company, strong encouragement and the promise of hot drinks at the end of those runs. As always, it takes a couple weeks before the dust settles and we find out who is with us for the long haul, all the way through until February when the Hypothermic Half Marathon race tests our icy nerves, but I think with any of these little unique adventures, it is just that — the adventure of it — that is far more important that any goal race or record setting run. Every time I lead a clinic I learn as much (if not more) about myself and my sport as I’m able to impart through my leading and instructing, and I value that in and of itself. Perhaps someday I’ll even figure out why everyone gets so thrilled when I take the reigns and steer… that’s the real mystery.

# Looking forward to carving pumpkins -- or as she spelled it "pupckins" -- tonight with Claire.
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4 Amazing Things Dads Can Do On Halloween

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It’s not that it’s easy to be an amazing dad but to help you out with that…

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That the world needs sober thought and rational thinkers more than ever: #ebola #gamergate #terror #sexualassault
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4 of My Favourite Games Featuring Zombies

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Zombies are cropping up in video games everywhere.

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4 Great Things Kids Learn from Trick-or-Treating

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There is a lot to be learned, especially if you are a kid.

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As I sit waiting to go up to my office... a light rail transit car on the city's train system on my way downtown to work.
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