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Five seconds later I’m standing in her doorway trying not to laugh…

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In web design, a crappy solution give you a crappy website.

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# More bad luck. Slipped on the ice carrying luggage into the house after vacation. Back injury? Again. Thank goodness for #Robaxacet! But, damn!
26 Jan 02015 at ten to eight am
# School Fundraiser: A day at the @Official_WEM Waterpark. Awesome fun, but very strange swimming with 700 people we kinda know...
26 Jan 02015 at quarter to eight am
# Another great show @citadeltheatre last night: Venus in Fur. Not for the kids, but lotsa grownup fun for an evening out.
26 Jan 02015 at quarter to eight am
Ice, Ice Baby. (Or not.)
a sums & pieces for 25 Jan 02015
English toffee bits, chocolate-covered coffee beans, and salty licorice. It would probably taste terrible.
a sums & pieces for 24 Jan 02015
# Booyah! Apparently while on vacation the odometer on my (not so) new camera rolled over to 10,000 pics.
23 Jan 02015 at ten past eight pm
Disneyland in Snapshots

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Five days of park-hopping pleasures glittered with memories & punctuated by lightsabers, snowmen and roller-coasters.

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Book to the Future: Reading Anna Karenina (4.2)

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It’s not the science fiction aficionado in me that is taken but rather that part-time romantic.

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A Year with Duo

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Three hundred and sixty five consecutive days of poking away at my French language skills…

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# Pardon me for bragging, but I passed the ONE YEAR of daily practice mark on Duolingo this morning.
23 Jan 02015 at nearly eight am
If I didn't, wouldn't that excuse bad behavior, too?
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Half in January: Star Wars RunDisney Half Marathon

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…waving at Stormtroopers who were riding a carousel behind a pink fairty tale castle.

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