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The first of four Icelandic Reduxtions, reflecting more narrowly on sharks, sights, elves, and sheep…

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This is the fourth of four of those Icelandic Reduxtions, reflecting more narrowly on swimming, stories, roads, and hot dogs…

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A few years ago I (pretty much randomly) sat down and wrote this great big list of things kids should see, do, learn, etc before they become teenagers. It was just my personal opinion, compiled on a quiet afternoon, and posted to the net. Oddly enough, that silly list has become the most popular (by far) page on this site, gathering regularly dozens (but sometimes even hundreds) of hits every single day. To date, it’s had almost 40,0000 views, many of them from people searching for just that sort of list. Do I know if anyone is following my ideas? I gotta think at least a few people have made use of it in a practical way. But at the very least, I have: I posted a couple more of our check-boxed items (horses and supermarkets) that I’ve been working on during my early morning productive-time, and I’ve got a couple more which should be ready in a day or so… all of them thanks to our Iceland vacation. Someday, maybe I’ll come across someone else who is logging all this stuff from my list (it’s possible, right?) but until then Claire and I have about six more years to work our way through our own.

100 Things: Shopping for Sælgæti

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There is something very humanizing about understanding where and how the locals get their food.

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In the virtual "e" sense, I build things almost every day. But actually constructing something --with saws and wood and nails -- well, I built a workbench and some shelving in my shed in May. So... May.
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100 Things: Saddleback Through Lava

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We stopped by the side of the road to ride some horses: Icelandic horses.

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I did some math this morning, plotted out my training program, and built a couple spreadsheets — yes, I do that — and it seems as though to do the full training program, start to finish, as per the Running Room clinic manual my training officially needs to start on September 24th. So… in nine days. That’s not a problem, but here I was thinking I had a month or so before I needed to focus. I guess the force is not so strong in this one, after all. *sigh*

Pondering how to deal with the bags-upon-bags of apples and some of the other garden produce that has been accumulating in our kitchen for the last couple weeks, I stumbled upon the idea of dehydration. Some research and a cha-ching later we now own a food dehydrator and have been madly slicing, dicing, and otherwise prepping various fruits and veggies in order to transform them into amazing little bags of preserved snackies. The apples are awesome and are alone worth the price of admission, but one surprising discovery is that dried zucchini is a tasty –and I presume, healthy– way to get rid of those ten-pound gourds that have been appearing in the garden. Tomatoes… meh. Peppers… need some fine tuning. And sweet potato chips are still on my roster in the tweaks department. But overall? Recommended.

I wanted to do more "outdoor" art with Claire over the summer, but it just didn't pan out.
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How (Not) to Run in Neon

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It was a runner’s rave that toed the line of awesomeness — but then tripped and landed flat on it’s face.

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Having hit my fifteenth consecutive day running yesterday, I’m now officially shooting to try to break my standing record of three weeks “running every day.” My goal (not out loud, but all along) has been to run every day in September. Now it’s out loud. To run not-much-but-just-enough-to-count: 3km/day. At least three klicks per day to count as a run, once per day, at some point between waking up and going to bed. #atleast3 … By the end of today I’ll be half done. The “three” rule gives me opportunity to (a) rest between longer runs, by still (b) putting in a daily run but (c) keeping it short enough to just be a maintenance run that doesn’t overly fatigue and allows for recovery between. Last time I did daily running (my standing record is three consecutive weeks) that effort kicked off two great years of strong improvement. And whether or not it was the three weeks — by either kicking off a slow gradual strengthening or just getting me into the routine — I don’t know for certain, but as I get ready to jump into four months of half-marathon training leading to my January Disney race, I want to find a balance between revving things up and not pushing too hard as I get over that summer hump of lazy, injured me…

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