So long…

…and thanks for all the fish.

This blog is now complete.

Done. Closed. Inert. Shuttered. Quiet. Over.

But why not visit some of my other web projects, all in various states of upkeep:

indulge in my hot iron hobby blog at
Sure, it was a bit of a gag when someone –everyone!– mentioned it camping that I should write a cast iron blog. But I had this CMS software I was building, and it didn’t take much convincing that blathering on about my love of cooking on cast iron would make for an interesting project.

enjoy the comic luxury of 
A web comic I’ve been working on over the past couple years. Occasionally I still have time to actually post every week, but these things take effort and planning… y’know? There are still two years worth of comics, that’s over 150 strips, in the archive.

wander the galleries at just or
My new(ish) effort to post more photos with some context outside of social media. Minimal words, combined with focused collections of photography, less emphasis on “what happened” and more on “how the moment was turned into pretty pictures.”

muse the rambling writing introspection of my
My attempt at a philosophical examination of why I do the things I do. Extended writing on running, hobbies, and other inquiries into my interests. It is a bit of storytelling, but more as a quasi-journalistic attempt at blogging than as a online “dear diary…”

…and more links to come as I settle on my project focus. I’m not offline… I’m just done blogging like a teenage girl from 2003.