Running Tech Revisited

Once again I’ll be giving my standard talk on running technology tonight. I was invited by Heather to chat to her clinic group about the uses of tech to enhance training, a talk I’ve given about fifteen times by now, each time getting a little more enhanced by the number of tools, websites, and dangling bits of plastic-coated silicon that are available to quantify one’s effort. My first stab at the topic was blogged about over four years ago and still sees some traffic. I’ll be refreshing my own brain on my ten points sometime later today, and adding a few bits to it prior to kicking off the evening discussion. If nothing else I may turn a few more naive runners into sport data geeks like me, tracking their every klick and charting their progress across the decades. At worst, it’s another milestone for running nerdom.

Three Small Laps, Three Giant Laps

I ran last night. Just three laps around my local park, each lap roughly one klick and change. I’ve been mixing it up with the strength/core training too, so after warming up with my first lap, I ran the second at two-and-a-half minute intervals interspersed with a baker’s dozen worth of push-ups in the damp grass. A short twenty-five minutes in the late evening heat had me feeling pretty beat, but not in the leg-failing, pain-cramping sort of way I was dreading. Hopefully this equates to the start of a slow rebuilding and not a too-soon trigger for a more epic collapse. The trick, I figure, is to keep the endurance and core strength building while not re-straining my overworked piriformis muscles in the process. Day one: so far, so good?

If you count digital "thank yous" then quite recently... otherwise, it's been a while.
a sums & pieces for 4 Aug 02015
# This morning's coffee is brought to you by the letter L and the lazy effort to mix up all the little bags of ground coffee with not enough left to make a full pot. Hashtag: #bottomofthebagblend
2 Aug 02015 at ten to nine am
# I (cruelly?) reminded Claire that with the arrival of August, her summer vacation was effectively half over. She shrugged. I guess that's like a century in kid-time.
2 Aug 02015 at quarter to nine am
# According to Canada Post I should expect a parcel containing Exploding Kittens to arrive at my house no later than Wednesday. If that thought alarms you, Google it.
2 Aug 02015 at twenty to nine am
# The Twenty-First Century Child's Rebellion: Find the most annoying show available on Netflix and then binge-watch it on a Sunday morning while their parents are trying to sleep in.
2 Aug 02015 at twenty to nine am
Missing My Sunday Run

It’s Sunday morning at 8:30 am and I’m sitting at the kitchen table in my pajamas writing a blog post. This is odd if only because this is the time usually reserved in my hectic schedule for plodding through the streets in neon fabrics and getting sweaty in the trails with my friends. I’ve taken a week off so far hoping that the rest and light cross-training I’ve been doing will improve the situation with my legs… which are still bugging me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’ve narrowed the problem down to a sciatic nerve issue. It’s not pinched. It’s not compressed. It’s just irritated because I’ve let my core strength fall below the threshold whereby the abuse I put my body through is mitigated by strong muscles that prevent too much injury. The balance has been tipped, and I need to rest, strengthen, and rebuild before I start pushing myself back into the winter of training. So, I’m missing my Sunday run. And this probably means I’ve written off the whole “half-per-month” plan as I would probably die on the side of the route if I tried a half right now. Frustration fills my legs as they itch to get out on a trail, but that is quickly countered by a familiar tingling in my tissues. Soon… but not too soon. *sigh*

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The Grapes of Wrath (16.1) Before the Storm

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Thick with frustration and racism and cussing and fallen men.

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Either how to play the guitar... or how to kill a man with just my thumb. But the first would probably be more useful in social situations.
a sums & pieces for 2 Aug 02015
Watership Down (15.4) Strange Bunnies

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There is a reason it is a modern classic.

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