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Electrons buzzing through a few microns worth of semiconductor…

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The holidays creep closer and closer… and music is in the air.

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Unofficial Games Day

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We played some games.

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# Looks like we've joined the Dyson club. Is that a thing? #costco
20 Dec 02014 at twenty after five pm

Anyone who follows this blog knows that I fanatically track my running metrics. Each and every run goes into an annual spreadsheet and from that I sheet I track my progress and judge my performance both day-to-day and across the year. One of the things I calculate is my year-to-date gap. I take my annual goal, break it into 365 equal parts, and then create a rolling total of where I should be for accumulated distance for any given day. If I’m behind the number is red. If I’m ahead then the number turns green. That number has spent most of the year in the red, sometimes topping out at nearly -200 klicks from where it should be. In fact, the last time it was green was shortly after my marathon in January. I’ve been whittling away at it for the last few months, gaining, losing, gaining ground. But after having just ran a 9 klick winter dash with Jenn, I put my number into my spreadsheet and… green. On track.


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…what is moderately cool for me is chilly for a whippet with little fur.

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Running during a gentle snowfall is a quasi-spiritual encounter with the winter city.
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# Closest coyote encounter yet while running today: he wandered out of the bushes 10m in front of me. I think we were both equally startled.
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Dog Tired


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Play hard. Sleep harder.

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...a couple days off.
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Holiday in Ivory

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The holidays creep closer and closer… and music is in the air.

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