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The first of four Icelandic Reduxtions, reflecting more narrowly on sharks, sights, elves, and sheep…

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The latest update came out about a month ago, in mid-September 2014, and I’ve been putting in some generous hours with it.

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# Today is the (negative) first annual Back to the Future Day. One year until I finally get that damn hoverboard, right?
21 Oct 02014 at twenty after twelve pm

I just thought I’d mention it, but having gone out on Saturday morning with the explicit intent on running through some off-road, not quite familiar trails with my camera in-hand and uncharted route-seeking on the mind, I ran into a bit of an obstacle. A fifty(ish) pound, hazel-haired obstacle, standing on the asphalt path between me and my intended direction of exploration, in fact. I’m cautiously wary of wild animals, and as far as I’m concerned running in the direction of an alert and watchful coyote with nothing between me and she but a pair of flimsy autumn running shorts, well… that’s kinda stupid. So, overly-cautious or not, I promptly discarded my exploration plans and turned in the opposite direction, along more familiar routes, and ending with a rather pretty Saturday run, but one which I’d run a hundred times before.

The Third ” First Thousand Klicks” Looks A Lot Like the First

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But past a thousand for a third year in a row.

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I've been in a %#$!@^#& mood for about a week, so probably when that lifts... yeah.
a sums & pieces for 17 Oct 02014
Hot coffee, cold beer.
a sums & pieces for 16 Oct 02014
More often than I care to admit... plus then you'll just expect a more prompt reply.
a sums & pieces for 15 Oct 02014

My little adventure run on this past Friday has me thinking and that thinking involves an idea for a new series of blog posts and runs. I’ll be jumping into instructing a new clinic in a couple weeks, so my regular routine runs are going to fall into the not-too-tough and pretty-standard routes category for the next little while. But with my training schedule, I need to get in a regular Saturday run, and these are going to generally be solo. But solo doesn’t necessarily need to equal boring. In an effort to mix things up (and following in the literal and metaphorical footsteps of my Friday explorations) I want to kick off a new series of blog posts, each backed by the stories and photos acquired while out running some paths where I’ve never previously run. New routes. New locations. New trails. They don’t necessarily need to be back-country adventures, but the one and only rule is that I need to do at least 25% of the distance on a trail where I’ve never previously tread… even if that means driving to the start. I’m calling it “Saturday Pathfinder“… stay tuned.

Graffiti Running, Part 2

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…this time I kept following the path, even when it turned into a nearly sheer-climb.

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