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I’ve uncovered the adventure seeker in the heart of my seven-year-old daughter.

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I had the last quarter of the novel lingering in my mind…

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Brad’s Great Heritage Race: Boston Strong Edition

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…unable to see back to the start, but still so far from the end of it all.

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Hackable Weekly, Four

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I can plan for it. Yearn for it. Work for it and earn it.

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Snap a selfie. Upload it to Facebook. Then accept the inevitability of my fate that despite years of training I could never outrun the impact.
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# Who's fourteen today? This blog, that's who!
20 Apr 02015 at quarter past seven am
# Is it strange that I just had a thirty minute conversation with an eight year old about quantum physics and the multiverse hypothesis... using illustrations. #nerdfamily #curiouskid
19 Apr 02015 at nearly eight am
Ask Karin: definitely a passenger. Though, that's not a symbolic metaphor for life.
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Election signs.
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Part of me thinks it would be something brave. Another more realistic part knows its easier to replace a wallet or a phone than a spleen.
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As I was just about to crawl into bed last night I was reviewing my schedule in my head and realizing I had two options for a run the next day, today. I could go out early or I could go out late. Early meant a five am, climb out of bed and hit the road. Late meant waiting until Karin got home from her dance class and squeezing in a quick four klicks after about nine-thirty. Knowing I don’t do well with either, but dreading that post-run insomnia of a late-evening jog, I opted for the early edition. Five am came pretty early, and it was something of a slog after last night’s hills, but my alarm just went –the regular one– and I’m already done and writing about it.

Run Every Day, Part 15

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And you can call it whatever you want. Just don’t call it lazy.

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