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…this time I kept following the path, even when it turned into a nearly sheer-climb.

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But past a thousand for a third year in a row.

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There has been a lot of chatter online about how to deal with trolling… y’know, people who deliberately stir up discord and hate through online forums and comments. A (presumably) relatively small proportion of the internet’s population goes online with the deliberate mission of spewing negativity into public spaces. But, and while it may come across as “pollyannaish” –overly optimistic and naive– it occurs to me more and more that this isn’t a problem of technology or of bad people doing bad things. Rather, it’s a side-effect of a near-vacuum of good people in public spaces ignoring or avoiding confronting a social issue. If even a small handful of people made it their mission to re-engage and re-claim those spaces, by engaging in clean, rational, and positive discussions –randomly or strategically– it seems like there may be a net-positive push-back on the trolls. I guess what I’m suggesting is this: could a social movement encouraging individuals to commit to posting, say, five nice and/or generally positive things every day into public forums reverse the tide of hate online? Or have we already gone too far?

Twenty one... point one.
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The fatalist in me is always at odds with the little part that still feels the fluttering wake of quantum improbability.
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# Today is the (negative) first annual Back to the Future Day. One year until I finally get that damn hoverboard, right?
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I think you need to start by teaching them how to enjoy good food... what tastes good and what doesn't... the rest is just experimenting with the tools to match personal expectations.
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I just thought I’d mention it, but having gone out on Saturday morning with the explicit intent on running through some off-road, not quite familiar trails with my camera in-hand and uncharted route-seeking on the mind, I ran into a bit of an obstacle. A fifty(ish) pound, hazel-haired obstacle, standing on the asphalt path between me and my intended direction of exploration, in fact. I’m cautiously wary of wild animals, and as far as I’m concerned running in the direction of an alert and watchful coyote with nothing between me and she but a pair of flimsy autumn running shorts, well… that’s kinda stupid. So, overly-cautious or not, I promptly discarded my exploration plans and turned in the opposite direction, along more familiar routes, and ending with a rather pretty Saturday run, but one which I’d run a hundred times before.

The Third ” First Thousand Klicks” Looks A Lot Like the First

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But past a thousand for a third year in a row.

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The little magnifying glass: always looking for something.
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I ran AWAY from the coyote who was sitting on the running path.
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