The Scar (23.1) Because Steampunk is Hip Again

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…everyone and their mechanical dog seemed to have gotten into the brass goggles business and difference engine racket.

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Race Report: The Very Windy 2015 Fall Classic


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In the end it was a cute little race, despite the cold greeting.

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Robopocalypse (22.3) The Robot Butler Did It

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It’s yet another “this is how the human race falls to it’s own creation” stories…

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Read In Week

Remember Baylee the Bee? That little illustrated picture book I wrote and published a few months ago. It’s not going to let me retire early from sales quite yet, but it is selling a copy here and a copy there. More exciting is that within about an hour of writing and publishing this post, I’ll be dropping by Claire’s classroom, iPad in hand, because it’s Read In Week… the week when parents show up and read their kid’s favourite books to the class. And Claire has been telling everyone that her dad is showing up to read the book he wrote: a little story about a bee named Baylee. So, basically what I’m saying is that, in the life of every author there is moment when they must go read their work in front of an audience for the very first time… I guess that’s today. And I’m more nervous than I would have expected.

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The End of Blog Comments

If you don’t write a blog, chances are you do not hold nearly as much hate in your heart for comments as someone who writes online. It’s never the comments you see, though. If I’ve approved your comment then this anger is most definitely, absolutely, one-hundred-percent NOT directed at you. It’s the hundreds of comments you don’t see that drive me bonkers. Much of it is bot-spam, but the stuff that isn’t reveals a deep, dark broken soul of our society that should never be let out of it’s cage. So, when WIRED recently published an article about the end of comments, I took that as my queue to cut the final few lingering threads of commenting on this blog. In it’s place I’ve gone old-skool: if you want to participate, there is now a “Letters to the Editor” form link at the bottom of every page. If you have something to say, I’d love to hear from you… and I’ll respond back through a blog post.

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Robopocalypse (22.2) Two Times Two Times Two Stories

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I’ve probably unjustly held it up for comparison against something it wasn’t necessarily trying to be compared to.

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Lisez le Journal Hackable (Hack 2.2)

Success? Apparently some time over the weekend my numerous technical inquries to the Globe & Mail subscription offices was processed and sent somewhere. Their website changed, the validation step that was rejecting my address for being (literally) odd vanished and in its place a more basic form that actually allowed me to set up a subscription appeared. Starting next weekend: newspaper delivery… how twentieth century, huh? In the meantime, I went out on what I thought would be a quick mission to actually buy a copy from a nearby store on Saturday morning. This resulted in driving about ten kilometers and stopping at three locations before I landed at the Safeway which actually sold the Saturday paper. You’d think I was in some backwater rural town not a major metropolitan capital city. Next weekend I expect to step out onto my porch in my pajamas while the coffee is brewing and pick it off my step. Jeeze… I feel old just writing that.

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After running through the trails this weekend, I'll take the awesome splash of autumn hues over anything any other season can throw at us.
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  Snap Circuits Pro SC-500 [Product Page]
I couldn't have been a prouder nerd-dad than watching my eight-year-old first building a handful of the projects...
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Lisez le Journal Hackable (Hack 2.1)

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Ideally, I’ll have a nice relaxing newspaper read… and I won’t need to deal with the trolls for at least one day.

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I believe in the ingredients of evil: ignorance, righteousness, entitlement, impatience, and binary thinking.
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The Lunch Break Broke (Hack 1.1)

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I’m not seeking an eating revolution, but maybe a more conscious way of thinking about what I’m consuming.

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