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Deep breath. Just write 4000 more words for that other goal. Then…

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Aches, pains, strains, heavy hearts, blurry minds, fuzzy vision, dimming hearing, and realizing that there's not much you can do about any of it... except fight every single day to stay healthy and strong.
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Ten Day Break

I’m starting to feel a bit guilty, but sometimes you gotta practice what you preach. I’ve been on the injured list. And this calf thing, whatever it was –strain, tear, pull– has taken longer than expected to heal up. As of today, a week after the injury and ten days since I’ve been out running, I feel pretty good. I’d call it 99%. I’d call it not hurting unless I think about it and twist my way into certain pose to make it hurt. I’m going to try a short run tomorrow after one more night of rest, but I’m starting to grow restless.

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The Gap… in Time and Space and Words

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I always think back to this quote from Ira Glass… it’s called the Gap.

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# It snowed all night. Despite the 4x4 in my garage, it's the kind of morning when I'm glad I have a bus pass and the option not to drive some days.
24 Nov 02015 at ten past eight am
First Day of Snow

As much as I was a little sad to see the snow, the upside was that it was my first official winter driving experience in the truck. I ended up the day by putting on a little over 60km around the city –commuting, picking up Claire, running some evening errands– all on some moderately sloppy streets. It’s dangerous out there, and I don’t want to be too cavalier about that danger, yet it was a modest comfort to be able to try out the 4×4 on the snow-and-iced suburban trails and have that comfortable feeling of near-guaranteed acceleration at an intersection, or the confidence to keep a safe speed on the freeway in thick traffic. I saw enough vehicles in ditches, and at least one truck wrapped around a light standard, so I know that confidence can get away from some folks. But some of that lingering uncertainty I had about the truck dealing with the winter is slowly melting away.

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Stretching Basics

Caveat: I’m not a Doctor, but this is what I read…. See, I’ve been dealing with some knotty calf muscles over the weekend, benching me from my running, and in the course of massaging and rolling and beating the hell out of my calves in the recommended therapeutic way, it occurred to me how odd this seemed. I even asked Karin: what kind of weird physiology is at work when you are abusing your muscles, tenderizing them with pressure, to start the healing process? So, of course, I looked it up, and what I found actually made a bit of sense. According to what I read, pressure to the muscles is in essence suffocating them…. temporarily. You starve them of proper blood flow by pinching and prodding and crushing them. Muscle knots are kind of in a chaotic & active spasm, a handful of muscle fibers going crazy. So by putting pressure on them, you are in effect choking and starving those in-spasm muscles, causing them to have little muscle feinting spells, and like slapping a panicking character in a poorly-written sitcom, it resets them and they either die or go back to doing what they were supposed to be doing… and the healing can begin.

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If only because of the effort so far, editing this damn book into something I can share or maybe even publish.
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Not a Working Title Anymore

Forty thousand words done as of this afternoon, and I think I can see the end in sight. Well.. the end of the push to fifty-thousand words for this NaNoWriMo thing. I’m definitely NOT gonna have a finished novel at the end of this month. I’m probably looking at more like seventy or eighty thousand when I get through the story, so long as I’m careful not to sprint towards the end. There is a lot left to do. On that note, seeing as how I’m 80% towards my November goal, I actually picked a new title for the novel. Yeah, the other one was a working title, something to toss up on the website when they asked you what your book was called. My new title is a bit of a mouthful, but it will make more sense if you read the book. Bound: Or, the Programmatic Evaluation of a Valid Expression is a metaphor for the ways in which technology can blind us from our humanity, obscuring the world around us and forcing us to see things in a way that lacks nuance. It is about understanding that information can control us as much as it can free us. It is about finding balance in a binary world.

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Chrome-ish Book

So, following my little revelatory glimpse into Claire’s desire for her own computer yesterday on this blog, Matt emailed me with some ideas to solve it: and there was no need to actually spend money to make it happen. (Well, I spent six bucks on a memory stick, but besides that…) The end result was that I tinkered away all yesterday evening converting an old laptop –formerly running a broken instance of Vista that never worked well even off the shelf and a dual-boot copy of Ubuntu which was a little too complex for Claire’s needs– and instead repurposing the machine to use Chromium OS. Her class uses Chromebooks at school, and for our purposes this clunky old machine –that used to take ten minutes to boot, had seen better days, and was bound for the Ecostation– may have just found new life as a zippy little lightweight sorta-Chromebook. It’s fast… damn fast. Faster than that machine has ever run anything. And for as much power as that little OS needs, it runs all the little tools that will serve the girl well for school for at least a couple more years. To her chagrin, it doesn’t handle Minecraft. But they don’t teach that yet… at least not in her classroom.

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