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It seemed a fitting start to a new effort: just a dash of simple determination.

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Thirty verses of a rhyming poem later, I had a cute little story about a Bee… named Baylee…

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Baylee the Bee

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Thirty verses of a rhyming poem later, I had a cute little story about a Bee… named Baylee…

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# #100happydays #dailyhappy (27/100) ...April showers bring May flowers... right? #raining #pouring #oldmansnoring
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A couple years ago I kinda, sorta, almost wrote a children’s storybook. I should say, I did write a book. Then I started illustrating it, with the goal of publishing on the iTunes store. Then I discovered that the tool I needed to publish it on the aforementioned store didn’t work on the version of OSX we had. Result: I shelved the project. Temporarily, right? Of course… New computer, time passed, more motivation, and I found all the files…. so, I’ve been poking at the project again, with the goal of having it online — if that’s technically possible — or a the very least finished and submitted by the end of May. Really. Public declaration equals private commitment, right?

Five Art Adventures for Kids and their Dads

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Kid tested, or at least kid approved.

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The Pixel Game Submission: Rebel Yell

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This week’s challenge almost had me stumped.

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Five Spring Blogging Plans to Record Your Amazing Summer

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Like so much metaphorical spaghetti…

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Surprisingly, not many people have questioned me over the past couple years about my lack of a wedding ring. Y’know, symbol of eternal marital bliss and all that, you’d think people would wonder. Well, the thing about running is that you sometimes loose weight, even in your fingers. And the thing about losing weight is that you don’t always deep down believe that it’s permanent. Two years ago my fingers shrunk. No, really… by two whole millimetres in diameter… which will make a ring that was once comfortably clingy and snug become an opportunistic golden projectile at the slightest hand-wave. Two years. No one asked. But we finally decided it might be worth the effort to get it re-sized. So, my band is in the shop, and due to be back where it belongs on my fourth proximal digit in a few short days.

"Everything is AWESOME! Everything is AWESOME! Everything is AWESOME! Everything is AWESOME when you're livin' the dream... am I driving you crazy yet daddy?"
... Claire, demonstrating why the world was slightly less annoying before the instant download of movie soundtracks from iTunes.

For about the fourth time, I’ll be dropping by the Running Room tonight and giving my “how to use your watch” talk as a guest speaker. This time it’s for the combo LTR, 5K and 10K group who are probably less likely than even my halfers to have a bit of expensive technology on their arms to track their hobbies. The talk isn’t so much about how to “operate” that GPS watch you’re wearing, but instead it’s an overview of how to “use” your watch to run better: tracking on-the-trails and between runs, managing goals, evaluating progress, gauging performance, and training to targets built around heart rate, intervals, and data-driven measurables. I tend to sell a few watches each time I give the talk because inevitably a week after I speak I get at least one or two people proudly showing me their new toys.

# #100happydays #dailyhappy (26/100) ...first lunch of the year outside, in Churchill Square, thirteen Celsius! Woot!
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# #100happydays #dailyhappy (25/100) ...a long-awaited Daddy Day, come and gone, but ne'er forgot'n.
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