When they've tried the wrong way a dozen times and are pulling out their hair, just nonchalantly do it the right way... assuming you know how... otherwise, why are you trying to teach someone else?
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Keyboard clacking and the purr of a white noise generator.
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Hackable Summer, Part 1

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Some simple mental reprogramming that can go a long way…

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# Baylee the Bee, selling a small but steady number of copies, is now available on iBooks for iPhone, too. Check out the link in the sidebar.
27 Jul 02015 at ten past twelve pm
Not Quite Uncramped

I was feeling pretty good at about 7:30 Sunday morning when I was standing at back of my parked truck contemplating the planned 20 klick run with the gang. I’d had some tightness in my calf a couple days previous –lingering pains from last week’s sciatic flare-ups, I assumed– but all felt good in the cool perfect-run-weather morning as we set off. Some light trails, some short climbs, and we plodded along chatting and keeping a reasonable pace that wouldn’t have set any records but was feeling strong and steady. At ten klicks I would have told you I could have run a marathon. At eleven, breaching the top of a short hill I was pondering the pulling feeling in my calves. At eleven and a half, that same calf had cramped up like a rubber band in a blender, and even the standing-still weight was borderline unbearable. At the furthest point and turnaround of our run I waved my crew off and called for a pickup, riding home in the passenger seat feeling sapped and sorry for myself… and pondering another few days off. Damn.

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Watership Down (15.2) Silflay Etc.

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As a children’s book there is an innocence that ripples through the darkest aspects of the tale.

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Probably thinking a lot about dogs. Inside of a month it's going to be our tenth anniversary of being dog owners.
a sums & pieces for 26 Jul 02015
With a new pickup truck and a (nearly) eight year old daughter, it's probably (regrettably and embarrassingly) something from the Taylor Swift catalog.
a sums & pieces for 22 Jul 02015
A Cautious 6k

Yesterday felt ok. I did some stretches at my desk to work out the lingering tightness in my legs, took a couple long-ish walking coffee breaks to keep things loose, and didn’t push too far on anything requiring range of motion. By six o’clock I was feeling game to try a short run. I also figured it was probably a good excuse to break out a new pair of runners, and since I’ve been stashing my last set of Mizuno Wave Elixirs for over a year now, just looking for any old excuse to get them dirty, it didn’t take much convincing to call “fresh cushioning” and do the official unboxing. I joined a few of the gang for a casual six klick, mixed surface run and twelve hours later everything is feeling steady. Hills tonight?

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