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Entropy has crept upon me. Not deeply. Not irreversibly. But measurably…

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The goal was to rebuild my strength. The goal was to buckle down, just get some distance in, even a little bit, every day.

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I ran seven clicks in the opening hours of our weekend snowstorm, the fresh sticky snow sticking to my heels in little uncomfortable wads that needed to be scuffed off every fifty meters or so. It pushed my running total for the year over the completely arbitrary milestone of 1150 km for 2014-to-date, and left me to run out the year (towards my other arbitrary milestone of 1313 km for all of 2014) with a completely achievable 163 klicks left to go. (I chalked that number down another ten klicks not 24 hours later, so it’s more like 153 to go as I write this.) It sounds BIG but (a) our distances are ramping up in the coming weeks with the half clinic and (b) the numbers, with all my charting and trend lines and projections and stuff, tell me that I’m easily on track to break through that random goal. Barring injury or distance-busting snowstorm in the next few weeks, I’m feeling good about my training right now.

A bucket list of things I want to accomplish in my 40s.
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I think that sometimes we all feel waaaaay older or waaaay younger than we really are. Oddly, I'm pragmatic enough at this moment to feel like I fit my age exactly.
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Even when you think you are already there, don't stop. Life isn't a race with a set distance and a finish line. It's all the training in between that matters most.
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The easiest road in life will usually be the least rewarding.
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# Last night I finished my two-week-long binge watch of House of Cards, start to finish. #FirstTimeThrough #DreamingOfPolitics
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Moon Shots, Big Lenses, and Dangling Carrots

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Entropy has crept upon me. Not deeply. Not irreversibly. But measurably…

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A couple weeks ago I let Heather dress me up like a running mannequin for our talk on winter running gear during the running clinic talk.
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