West Coast Vacation Recap Part 5 : Towards Home

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Road trip complete, with about thirty-three hundred kilometers logged.

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West Coast Vacation Recap Part 4 : Victoria Tourist

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Who knows when we’ll be back this way.

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West Coast Vacation Recap Part 3 : Nanaimo Tourist

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We were nothing if not well-fed in Nanaimo.

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Political Rant #2

Ever heard of a “straw man” argument? If you haven’t heard about one, chances are you’ve read one on the socials lately. The ones I’ve read have been taking the form of little anecdote-style fictions, usually starring a good-ole-boy slapping down logic on a pie-eyed leftie. First they set up the fear factor, invoke some buzz words like “terrorism” or “homelessness.” Then the story veers as the pie-eyes attempt to solve the problem with a metaphorical hug. Finally it concludes with the country-logic-sense slap-down by the storyteller. Oh, and a “booyah, welcome to [city/province/country]” is thrown in at the end for good measure. Straw men trick you, and mess with your perception (and you’re better than that.) They do this because they establish the contrary position on their own terms. Also known as: they make it up, with a thin varnish of twisted truths on top to make you think it’s all real. These stories build a “straw man” on false pretenses which is meant to burn down the other side as a kind of effigy. In reality the opposite position is usually more nuanced, more complex, and could easily defend itself against the attempted slap-down. But while any straw man is an easy way to think you’ve won an argument, all you’re really doing by sharing it is proving you’re full of shit.

Randomly inexplicable aches and pains. In other words, to stop aging.
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The Colony Of Unrequited Dreams (19.1) As Recommended

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Let’s read a story about Newfoundland.

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The Martian (18.2) Depressurized

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It’s every survival story you’ve ever heard or read, smeared out on the surface of the red planet.

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Logging significantly more klicks than I did in August. Man, did I ever phone it in last month.
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Political Rant #1

Facebook is ablaze with angry people raging about topics they only half understand on both sides of a complex political spectrum. Thing is, politics is not sports: you’re not supposed to “cheer” for some team you’ve arbitrarily picked because of where you live or what your friends think. You are supposed to use your brain. So, if you do only one thing this election season, do this: don’t vote for a party. Vote for someone with convictions that matter to you and your family. Vote for ideas that will make this country better. Vote for a candidate that will represent and fight for policies that work for you. Vote for a leader who will listen to your community. Vote for someone who will answer their phone or respond to your email or re-tweet your inquiry with a coherent response. Open your mind to all available options and vote for something… and not just a color or a logo.

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