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The first of four Icelandic Reduxtions, reflecting more narrowly on sharks, sights, elves, and sheep…

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If you’ve never heard of the famous Canadian Tilley Hat, you’re missing out on a curious bit of Canadiana.

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# So the #edmontonmarathon is not "crazy fast" this year? Picked up my race package for this weekend's half marathon. Green for go, I guess, but I'm not sure about the purple silk-screening.
22 Aug 02014 at ten past twelve pm
The ísland Redux – Sagan Tveir (Part 2)

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This is the second of four of those Icelandic Reduxtions, reflecting more narrowly on wool, tourists, money, and museums…

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Driving so much as we did, I wanted a way to capture that part of our adventure. But then, after all, one of the ten commandments of photography is, of course, thou shalt not take photographs from the window of a moving vehicle. I broke that rule, as you might imagine, but in (a) a good way, (b) an automated way and (c) a way that is resulting in quite a lot of work for me now, a couple weeks later. In fact, arguably, the majority of the photos I took were from the front window of our car… which is saying a lot because I collected about eighteen thousand of them. How was this accomplished, you ask? Well, with a GoPro Hero 3, a mounting clip on the dashboard, and the camera quietly recording our drive in stop-motion, one-frame-every-two-seconds mode. I’ve been processing since: the GoPro software neatly merges sets of photos (mine range from 90 to 300 per set) into (I’m using 15 fps) video clips that flutter out after five or so minutes of churning as pats of 6 to 20 second video clips, each a smooth little speed-drive in high def across the Iceland landscape.

One hundred and eighty centimeters.
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The ísland Redux – Sagan Einn (Part 1)

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The first of four Icelandic Reduxtions, reflecting more narrowly on sharks, sights, elves, and sheep…

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As an island in a sea of spectacular failures.
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# Call it crazy, or maybe a little nostalgic for last year's marathon, but I pulled a last minute registration for the half out of my feel-good high from last night's run. Guess I'll see everyone on Sunday morning after all.
20 Aug 02014 at quarter past five pm
# So, as near as I can figure, the closest we ever really hotel'd to Bardarbunga, that volcano that is suddenly threatening to explode, was Lake Mytvan, about a hundred or so klicks north.
20 Aug 02014 at half 13pm
Ginger beef: a little spicy, a little crispy, and seeming to blur cultural boundaries... but not really. Figure that out.
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Six klicks with the gang last night felt pretty solid after a couple weeks of aimless drifting and sporadic running. I almost felt as if I could pick back up and attempt this race that their all doing in a few days… maybe not the marathon …definitely not the marathon. But the half, almost. It will be the one year runniversary of my first marathon this coming weekend, and if plans go according to plan, I won’t be running but instead parked at the sideline with my lens targeting speedy-speedsters. That seems to be the theme of the summer: watching races. But I’ll get back into it soon. Really. I have three of my own scheduled for September. We ran six, then went for beers and taps. It was fun. And if I don’t mention it before then, good luck to all the weekend racers.

Inclined to move somewhere else.
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