Week of Lists Number 8 : Turning 40ish Edition


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I thought I would start this last four months of 2016 with revisit to that old meme.

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...that life without the patter of four paws around the house is awfully quiet and lonely.
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D’oh! Boy Oh Boy…

I have been remiss in reporting on my dough adventures lately, but they have been continuing. I’ve also bought a proper digital cooking scale, which has been helping with the ingredient proportions. And I’ve only missed a couple weekends of freshly baked bread (and have made up for it with double-loaf ordeals in between.) The starter, mon levain qui est appelé Homer –D’oh!– is now reasonably mature. The first couple months of sourdough were, well… so-so, to be honest. Good bread, yes, but but not what you’d describe as having that sourdough vibe I was looking for when I first set out to be un boulanger extraordinaire. The last month or so has resulted in what I might humbly suggest is sourdough awesomeness defined. The bread which appears from our oven each weekend has a distinct sourdough flavour, rich and tangy, twangy with that sourdough yum that you’d pay real money for from a real baker. Now, I just need to figure out how to make my own clam chowder.

Double Half

It felt like a good training weekend. I have been looking down the barrel at this approaching marathon –just over two months to go– and realizing that I need to start, actually start not just plan to start, cranking up my distance. So I went out on Friday morning (day off) and planning to run about 15 klicks, detoured and ended with a sprint a few blocks from my house at a solid twenty-one point one. Sunday, I was anticipating a bunch of post-marathon washouts from my crew, but Mary followed me for a mid-distance adventure and we trolled a half dozen bridges and clocked a solid twenty-three (though my watch blipped and erased the last three hundred meters!) Two halves, made for just over a full marathon over the weekend. Central Park in November doesn’t feel quite as unreachable this morning.

29 Aug 02016 | asides & shorts | running
Both, but the extreme introvert in me knows that board games cost me energy while video games recharge it.
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The running dreams have begun as NYC Marathon sneaks ever closer: I dreamed I was struggling to get to the start line, and when I ran I got lost in the basement of Central Perk cafe. Oi!
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Black. One sugar.
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I stood at a traffic intersection blocking angry drivers at last week's marathon for seven and a half hours.
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Random Projects Report: InfiniteRooms

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This is content that is created on-the-fly by the computer based on calculations and randomizations.

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I was a human traffic cone.

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I’ve run a lot of races, but marshaling was a different beast.

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The Era of Hate

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Sometimes it requires a machete to clear out the weeds and see that long view.

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Those First Thousand Klicks of the Year: 2016 Edition

I can always sorta gauge how well my training year is going by when I reach that 1000 klick mark on my annual tally. In 2013, when I was training for (and quickly approaching the date of) my first marathon, I hit that milestone in early August. Otherwise, it’s been a lot later in the year:

  • 2012 – October 30
  • 2013 – August 6
  • 2014 – October 20
  • 2015 – September 26 (During a race so I didn’t write about it.)
  • 2016 – August 13

I crossed that mark once again on Saturday morning, a few minutes into a 15 klick morning run. Again, early in August, with a few months of training left before my November marathon. That fills in a bit of a confidence gap I’ve been feeling. Really. Somehow.

15 Aug 02016 | asides & shorts | running

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