Lisez le Journal Hackable (Hack 2.2)

Success? Apparently some time over the weekend my numerous technical inquries to the Globe & Mail subscription offices was processed and sent somewhere. Their website changed, the validation step that was rejecting my address for being (literally) odd vanished and in its place a more basic form that actually allowed me to set up a subscription appeared. Starting next weekend: newspaper delivery… how twentieth century, huh? In the meantime, I went out on what I thought would be a quick mission to actually buy a copy from a nearby store on Saturday morning. This resulted in driving about ten kilometers and stopping at three locations before I landed at the Safeway which actually sold the Saturday paper. You’d think I was in some backwater rural town not a major metropolitan capital city. Next weekend I expect to step out onto my porch in my pajamas while the coffee is brewing and pick it off my step. Jeeze… I feel old just writing that.

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After running through the trails this weekend, I'll take the awesome splash of autumn hues over anything any other season can throw at us.
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I couldn't have been a prouder nerd-dad than watching my eight-year-old first building a handful of the projects...
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Lisez le Journal Hackable (Hack 2.1)

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Ideally, I’ll have a nice relaxing newspaper read… and I won’t need to deal with the trolls for at least one day.

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I believe in the ingredients of evil: ignorance, righteousness, entitlement, impatience, and binary thinking.
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The Lunch Break Broke (Hack 1.1)

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I’m not seeking an eating revolution, but maybe a more conscious way of thinking about what I’m consuming.

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Kid Pace

The results were posted for Claire’s run club track meet. I was curious to see if she had actually improved over the race a couple weeks ago, so I pulled out my calculator and crunched some numbers. Here’s how it breaks down: so, the first race was a little longer (1.415 km versus 1.28 km) and overall she placed better (132th/191 –or 31st percentile– yesterday versus 145th/177 –or 18th percentile– two weeks ago). Her pace was also a little faster, running at a 6:51min/km pace in the first race and 6:37min/km in the second race. Thus, yeah: not Olympic athlete material, but improvement, I’d say. And for reference, these are roughly my long-slow training paces… the paces I would run on a 16+km run. Now, the interesting thing is her competition… because there were some fast kids. The fastest grade three girl from her school ran at a 4:42 min/km pace, and the fastest girl overall in her category was running at a great clip of 4:23 min/km. To make most of us even more jealous, the fastest grade three boy recorded an impressive 3:54 min/km pace. You’ll see him in Boston in about ten years.

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Robopocalypse (22.1) Might be World War Z with Robots?

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Everyone said the same thing: it’s pretty good, but it’s just World War Z with robots instead of zombies.

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There's probably a bit of dread mixed in too, but getting back on the ol' half marathon horse is exciting.
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Calculating God (21.2) Iiiiiiiin Spaaaaaaaaace!

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On the complexities of reconciling religious comfort foods with a healthy dose of scientific inquiry.

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Hacktoberfest 2015

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Hacking isn’t fast and it isn’t always successful. It’s a process.

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