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Before there was the running thing, there was the feet photos.

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I’ve been collecting photos of my daughter at the water’s edge of various oceans.

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Recovering from my war wounds enough to run those three races I've registered for...
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Because of Iceland I took so many, but my fav is the one of Claire pinching her nose in the sulphur fields. It is currently the wallpaper on my phone.
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Crashing and burning on a half-marathon, after having an otherwise great month, taught me I need to buckle down and be a lot less slack about my training leading into the next couple months.
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My Saturday short stories challenge-slash-project continues this weekend with your second read: From the Further Adventures of Larry Stark: Reluctant Space Adventurer comes… “That Time When Larry Smashed the Shatterproof Pirates where we delve into the world of awkward space opera fiction, in a slightly-comedic, slightly-offbeat fish-out-of-water story of Larry, white-collar call-centre-agent turned reluctant space adventurer when it turns out his long-time-friend surprises him with the knowledge that they are not both from the same planet after all. It’s just too bad that his friend up and gets murdered and leaves Larry to face the perils of space roguery on his own.” It’s short, raw, and should only take you about 15 minutes to read through. Enjoy!

I'd probably take a board game over a video game, but it's a close call...
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The ísland Redux – Sagan Fjórir (Part 4)

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This is the fourth of four of those Icelandic Reduxtions, reflecting more narrowly on swimming, stories, roads, and hot dogs…

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# Oh, and so apparently we're at that point in the daddy-daughter-gamer relationship when I don't necessarily get first go on new games I buy.
28 Aug 02014 at ten past twelve pm

In the continuing saga of post-half-marathon recovery updates I will admit that things are starting to loosen up… finally. It’s Thursday and almost ninety-six hours post race and post-epic-cramping-episode, and this morning was the first time in all those hours and days that I walked for more than three minutes without wincing at the agony of it. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic, but having something as stupid as a leg cramp debilitate you for so long and with such absolute resolve has been a kick in the pants after an increasingly frustrating summer of running. I’m not certain I’ll be doing any actual distance in the next few days, or over this upcoming long weekend, but with another (short) race in a little over two weeks, I think the fears of another fail are starting to diminish a little more each day. What I do realize is that I need to –and very quickly– figure out a proper strength training program and get on that.

I was at my parents house during a storm and a tornado was passing directly over their house, shaking and rattling the walls and windows. But the thing that bothered me the most during the dream is that I couldn't get the video camera on my phone to work properly. Messed up, or what?
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