I'm gonna go with the epic lightning bolt pic I captured from the doorway of our garage during that storm a couple weeks ago.
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Hackable Summer, Part 2

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Actually THERE IS an app for that.

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That I need to work on my strength if I want to keep pursuing my running.
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Don’t Call Me A Techie

It took me three weeks but I finally figured out how to program the garage door opener that is built into the truck. It involved pressing the correct three buttons for the exact set amount of time, holding the existing remote the exact right distance and orientation from the truck buttons, and muttering an incantation of some kind… or maybe that was just me cursing under my breath. It seems like a minor victory, yes, but now at least one of those fancy buttons on my console does something besides turning on the radio.

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Unrun, Version Too Many Point Lots

I’m starting to get increasingly irritated at whatever is sidelining me, lately. Here I am, after crashing out on the Sunday long run, Wednesday evening and my legs are still achy and feeling tender. I know: a few days off shouldn’t bug me, but… GRRR! Just GRRR! Hydrating. Medicating. Massaging and rolling. Rest. Heat. Stretching. Nothing seems to have any real impact. Perhaps I’ll just take up competitive whinging.

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Go Fetch Yourself an Explanation

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…because no one really considered me a “truck person.”

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Watership Down (15.3) Coincidental Rabbits

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Tho their prospects are pretty grim…

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When they've tried the wrong way a dozen times and are pulling out their hair, just nonchalantly do it the right way... assuming you know how... otherwise, why are you trying to teach someone else?
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Keyboard clacking and the purr of a white noise generator.
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