Running Late Tempos
7.8 km
Running Late Tempos
26 Apr 02016
...thirty-six minutes of fast.
D’oh! What?

Speaking of cast iron (it’s an obsession now, honestly) about two weeks ago now I bought myself a cast iron loaf pan to assist with this whole bread-making experiment. (As a side note: the cast iron loaf pan is currently holding steady at a five star review from your’s truly.) This has focused my bready efforts into the territory of the classic sandwich loaf wherein I’m aiming to standardize and consistently produce a good quality breakfast toast-worthy bread. Overnight I leavened another 50-50 grain-white blend, and by morning it was a nicely risen ready-to-bake state. Problem: I got up at 530 am to bake it, planning to try some for breakfast. Another problem: I didn’t check my notes. Last week I made the same loaf and baked it at 425F. This morning, my pre-coffee brain was insisting my target temperature was 375F. Oops. Thanks to the cast iron, the crust was amazing and crunchy… it was just the too-moist & chewy inside that needed work. Drat.

(Cast) Iron Chef?

food & drink | photography 

25 Apr 02016 | 35 views | 3 minutes of your time

I turned some photos into hardware.

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Chariots of Fire
10.5 km
Chariots of Fire
24 Apr 02016
...and my legs and my back and my brain all hurt at the same time.
Lonely Saturday Solo
6.2 km
Lonely Saturday Solo
23 Apr 02016 to get it done and because I'm already used to the warmer weather.
Earth Day
7.3 km
Earth Day
22 Apr 02016
Cold. Done. I thought it was summer.
A Comic Strip Without Pictures

featured | writing 

22 Apr 02016 | 42 views | 3 minutes of your time

Comics are fifty-fifty, dialogue-action.

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Swimming Lessons Take 3
7.2 km
Swimming Lessons Take 3
21 Apr 02016
...we made it back to the pool with five minutes to spare.
After Dark
5 km
After Dark
20 Apr 02016
...just as the sun was setting in a vibrant wash of pinks and purples on the horizon.
Happy Blog-i-versary… to me.

So, yeah. Fifteen years ago today I sat down in front of a computer much clunkier and much less fancy than the one I’m writing this on to write some other words you probably haven’t read or should read or don’t care if you ever read now. Fifteen years ago I used my cheap-ass dial-up internet to upload a few paragraphs of text formatted into crude HTML blocks on a plain, boring page coded and connected and delivered via an FTP connection. Fifteen years ago I was sitting on the floor of a bachelor pad apartment, lost in Vancouver, pondering a soon-to-start new job and doing so using this wacky new trend called blogging. Fifteen years ago today the first dribs and drabs of this blog were conceived and born and published and maybe even read. Fifteen years. Yup. That’s all.

20 Apr 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
Skipping Tempos
6.8 km
Skipping Tempos
19 Apr 02016
...sometimes you just don't feel like tempos.
City of Saints & Madmen (8.1) and Mushrooms & Life

books & reading | featured 

18 Apr 02016 | 47 views | 3 minutes of your time

…was one of the short list of books I had when I thought of this whole little re-reading project.

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