Hypothermic Half 2016
Hypothermic Half 2016
7 Feb 02016
I got up at six, ate, caffeinated, dressed, drove and we skittered our way across the ice.
Dune (4.3) Deserves a 14-hour Film, I Think.

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4 Feb 02016 | 44 views | 3 minutes of your time

The point isn’t that it has already been filmed, but rather than the scope of it made it seem so impossible.

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Blog-Worthy? Reason Number 1

In an age of aggregated destination sites, social medias and those URLs you have bookmarked so that you can check them seventeen times per day to see what’s new, the inevitable question for a guy like me is “why bother going alone?” Why do I spend my own time & money maintaining a personal blog, barely read, and infrequently visited? I’ve asked that question of myself many times, so I’m going to dedicate a few short posts to explaining my own reasons. First, and most simply, I’m going to hang it out there as the most obvious reason: I do this because I enjoy it. It’s my hobby. It’s my passion. It’s like asking a runner why he runs or a gamer why she games. It’s fun for me. I like to write and like to create new things, and if this ever became a burden or a chore, you’d know… because I’d stop.

3 Feb 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
A little uncanny deja vu today, sadly.
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Groundhog Shadows & Ice
6.8 km
Groundhog Shadows & Ice
2 Feb 02016
...feelings of inadequacy matching the uncertain arrival of this faux spring.
Dune (4.2) Buried in Gritty Betrayal

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1 Feb 02016 | 31 views | 2 minutes of your time

…vast cultures with hidden secrets & sprawling political dynasties willing to murder…

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Vay. Cay. Shun! Woot! WOot! Huzzah!
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AquaCow? SeaCow? What’s the Difference?
AquaCow? SeaCow? What’s the Difference?
31 Jan 02016
Our new --um-- pet...
I'm thinking something on my iPhone while running, because that's pretty much the only pics I took this month. [insert sad-face.jpg]
a sums & pieces for 31 Jan 02016
Cupcakes for Leon
11.1 km
Cupcakes for Leon
31 Jan 02016
... slick and glazed, like so much uneaten birthday cake.
Icy Trail Runners
8.1 km
Icy Trail Runners
30 Jan 02016
Careful and meticulously, over frozen ice-flows and spike-scratched patches.

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