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Anyone can put it out there with a price tag on it… not everyone can sell something, and then keep selling it.

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you know that you should probably be running more, training harder, pushing yourself towards goals that you’ve set

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# Part of me feels like its my professional duty to be baseline proficient in social media. Thus, my recent experimenting with Instagram.
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Hackable Weekly, One

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It would have been nice to have been able to hold up a few pages of awesomeness in blogging to be able to say, look, it’s simple…

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Shades of Grey (8.2) In a Dystopian Hue

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I’ve been having trouble keeping my colours straight as I push my way through…

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It’s been a while since I gave myself a training challenge and I’ve got another half marathon at the end of next month… and the month after that… and probably the month after that, too. Oh, heck. I’ve got a half marathon every month for the rest of this year. It’s time to kick the training into high gear now that spring is here and the snow is disappearing. April is going to be running crazy: every day, if I can make it, and at least four klicks per day this go round. Ready… ? Who’s joining me?

Inspired, Step Two

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Anyone can put it out there with a price tag on it… not everyone can sell something, and then keep selling it.

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It was inevitable and yet completely sudden. The impending arrival of Easter had Claire questioning some of the logical inconsistencies of the titular bunny delivering those famous chocolate eggs, asking us some awkward questions. So, we admitted it. Dad, it turns out, is the Easter Bunny. Case closed… except one little thing: she slept on it. Then the whole bunch of it came tumbling down over toast this morning. “Dad are you the tooth fairy, too? And Santa? And…. and that means Gary the Elf isn’t real?!” Two very sad tears were shed for the passing of Santa, and then red-rover came over and I made sure she was playing for the team: “If you’re in on the secret,” I said, “You can’t tell other little kids…” Smirk.

So, Claire says to me, “Dad, I really like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift music.” To which my sarcastic reply goes something like, “Oh really? A seven year old girl likes Taylor Swift? You don’t say.” To which she replies, “yeah, they really sing about the stuff in my life” and then she goes back to singing the chorus from “Blank Space” as we walk to her swimming lessons.

Gamer Kid, Episode 2: Handing Off Contollers

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She’d sit right by my side, calling out baddie weaknesses or suggesting the next play.

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# Did I mention that I'm officially registered for the Edmonton Police Half Marathon in April? That will make four in 2015.
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Shades of Grey (8.1) Not Fifty, Just One

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In the future, some people are just better than others…

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John Dies at the End (7.3) At the End

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Something twisted and twisting and not entirely expected…

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