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And you can call it whatever you want. Just don’t call it lazy.

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I can plan for it. Yearn for it. Work for it and earn it.

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Blogging is Dead, Long Live Blogging

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As an economist might put it, the opportunity cost of seeking the impossible is in the ignoring of the rational.

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How Not To Launch an App

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I’m taking notes and I’m gonna try and learn a few things from their very public mistakes.

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Done. Done, done, done! My three-week-streak is complete with tonight’s lazy tempo run with the group. I hobbled out a sub-6, seven klicker, putzing off the pre-planned route with a little self-made detour and shortcut that shaved about two minutes off our original path. Sam met us afterwards at coffee, fresh off the plane back from Boston, and regaled us with tales of his marathon adventure while we basked in the mellow afterglow of a sunny spring run. Total distance in 21 days: 145.6 klicks! Now, I rest and await half number four (of twelve in 2015) on Sunday morning.

Twenty Six Things I Should Do, April Edition

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For one thing, clean up the back yard. Spring! Spring! Spring!

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Run Every Day, Part 20


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An evening tempo out with the crew will mark twenty-one out of twenty-one days in April.

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Brad’s Great Heritage Race: Boston Strong Edition

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…unable to see back to the start, but still so far from the end of it all.

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Hackable Weekly, Four

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I can plan for it. Yearn for it. Work for it and earn it.

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Snap a selfie. Upload it to Facebook. Then accept the inevitability of my fate that despite years of training I could never outrun the impact.
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# Who's fourteen today? This blog, that's who!
20 Apr 02015 at quarter past seven am
# Is it strange that I just had a thirty minute conversation with an eight year old about quantum physics and the multiverse hypothesis... using illustrations. #nerdfamily #curiouskid
19 Apr 02015 at nearly eight am
Ask Karin: definitely a passenger. Though, that's not a symbolic metaphor for life.
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