The Scratchy Violinyst: Pat Head, Rub Belly

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3 Dec 02016 | 2 minutes of your time

My fingers have developed semi-permanent groves from the effort.

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I think people want to be truly selfless and that probably matters more than if they really are.
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Alternate Universes

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2 Dec 02016 | 6 minutes of your time

Let’s, for sake of clarity, say you’re driving a newer model black pickup truck.

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Brad’s Big Book Queue: Prologue

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1 Dec 02016 | 4 minutes of your time

In 2016 I had this big goal of rereading 25 books.

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Assuming no snags with the renovation progress, having a sink in our kitchen again.
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There's a selfie you've probably seen of me chomping on my finisher medal a few seconds after finishing the NYC Marathon in Central Park. That one.
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Blog Every Day Every December

It occurs to me just now, as December lurks just over the horizon, that usually, generally, traditionally (as much as that’s actually a thing on a 15 year old blog) I make a honest effort in the final month of each year to write at least one blog post every day. That might be a serious, long post about something significant. It might be a photo with some text (because you already knew that if you clicked on the pictures they had a post behind them, right?) or they might just be a quick, little aside-style post such as this one you’re reading now. I’m going to promise big and go for gold. And I guess we’ll see how it all pans out, y’know, between finishing the home renovations, getting back into post-marathon running of some sort, scratching out some violin practice and hopefully squeezing in some holiday cheer. No pressure, right?

30 Nov 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
Scratchy Progress, Part 2
50 h
Scratchy Progress, Part 2
29 Nov 02016
I've totaled a little over 50 hours of cumulative practice so far.
# Having planned (promised?) to post a video of some kind after every 24 hours of accumulated violin practice, and having hit 48 hours last night, I realize I probably need to do some recording tonight.
29 Nov 02016 at quarter to eight am
# Noticing that Civilization VI was recently released reminded me that I hadn't really played enough Civilization V to appreciate that fact. I spent some time fixing that last night.
29 Nov 02016 at twenty after seven am
...that installing laminate flooring is easy, but installing it well is an art form.
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