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…unable to see back to the start, but still so far from the end of it all.

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I’m taking notes and I’m gonna try and learn a few things from their very public mistakes.

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So you just defeated an evil empire.  Now what?

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Now you’re in charge. And there is a lot of cleaning up to do.

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Hackable Weekly, Six

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I read somewhere that willpower is like a cup for water.

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Two weekends in a row: thanks to some cooperative motivation in the sunshiny perfect weather of Sunday morning, a couple of us squeezed out the exact distance of a half marathon as a training run. It was my second half-distance (albeit not a race this time) inside of a week, and thanks to the company, distractions, and more leisurely pace, it felt pretty good all things considered. The extra distances between both Saturday and Sunday nudged me over my weekly goal giving me nearly 50 klicks on the week, and pushed me happily over the 500 klicks on the year mark, nearly 49 klicks ahead of schedule to meet my annual goal. It’s nice place to be sitting right now. Even compared to last year, pre-injury and post-marathon, I’m currently more than 60 klicks ahead of all that effort. It’s all feeling pretty solid right now.

The Circle (10.2) Are a Bunch of Jerks

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“Well, I thought I remembered you saying that you wanted to express yourself.”

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# I know no one is counting but me, but just for posterity and tracking: my Duolingo practice streak now stands at 466 consecutive days.
4 May 02015 at twenty after seven am
Making Saturday Sunshine

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And wondered if I should leap onto the wobbly rocks and bits of wood that had been constructed by past explorers as a kind of makeshift bridge

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Last night, Emma made sure I felt just a little wee bit guilty for “being so negative” in my recent race evaluation, despite my assurances that I was mostly just trying to be objectively critical of a few minor mistakes I’d made so that I could improve in the long run. As such, I figured I would throw some (happy) retrospective analysis in here at the end of it all, as a sunshiny-positive conclusion to the April that was. I’m not running tonight (rest day) so I can safely say that my total distance on the month will turn out to be this: an above average 188 klicks across twenty-five runs in approximately 19 hours worth of effort at an average training pace of 6:04min/km. This included a lot of solo runs, a lot of tempo runs, at least four nights of hill training, a few longish runs, a pair of very early mornings, running while out of town visiting my relatives, and one very hilly race with a personal best half-marathon time of (chip) 2:00:48. I’ve also had the pleasure of running with some great folks who keep me motivated and coming back for more self-torture. Huzzah for April! Now… bring on May.

Hackable Weekly, Five

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You’d think that after five weeks of rambling, self-reflective posts I’d have some monumentally great news to share.

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Race Report: Edmonton Police Foundation Half Marathon 2015

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Now with PR Goodness!

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