I stood at a traffic intersection blocking angry drivers at last week's marathon for seven and a half hours.
a sums & pieces for 25 Aug 02016
Random Projects Report: InfiniteRooms

art & code | featured | gamer 

24 Aug 02016 | 49 views | 2 minutes of your time

This is content that is created on-the-fly by the computer based on calculations and randomizations.

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I was a human traffic cone.

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22 Aug 02016 | 53 views | 4 minutes of your time

I’ve run a lot of races, but marshaling was a different beast.

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The Era of Hate

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15 Aug 02016 | 69 views | 4 minutes of your time

Sometimes it requires a machete to clear out the weeds and see that long view.

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Those First Thousand Klicks of the Year: 2016 Edition

I can always sorta gauge how well my training year is going by when I reach that 1000 klick mark on my annual tally. In 2013, when I was training for (and quickly approaching the date of) my first marathon, I hit that milestone in early August. Otherwise, it’s been a lot later in the year:

  • 2012 – October 30
  • 2013 – August 6
  • 2014 – October 20
  • 2015 – September 26 (During a race so I didn’t write about it.)
  • 2016 – August 13

I crossed that mark once again on Saturday morning, a few minutes into a 15 klick morning run. Again, early in August, with a few months of training left before my November marathon. That fills in a bit of a confidence gap I’ve been feeling. Really. Somehow.

15 Aug 02016 | asides & shorts | running
Tryin’ a Tri : Kid Motivation Edition

fatherhood | featured | sport & fitness 

15 Aug 02016 | 86 views | 3 minutes of your time

And I had this thought in my head that she’d push through it all, no matter the pain or whatever.

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The 40ish : A Half Life

abstract & thinking | featured 

10 Aug 02016 | 73 views | a few seconds of your time

I’m smack-dab in the middle.

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Land of the Electric Violyn

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8 Aug 02016 | 78 views | 2 minutes of your time

It was about then when the drummer, arms in the air, began nudging the crowd into action as he started a rhythmic clap.

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Pokémon Go Doesn’t Seem to Like Runners

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8 Aug 02016 | 78 views | 3 minutes of your time

Running seems to push beyond the speed bracket that the game thinks gamers are able to travel on foot.

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Into the ‘Thon

fatherhood | featured | gamer | pop-culture 

8 Aug 02016 | 83 views | 2 minutes of your time

I did the necessary dad duty and took her to a convention over the weekend.

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3… 2… 1… Restart.

It’s been two weeks since we lost our pup and it has been a mix of surreal and sad. We’ve been having all these conversations at home about the weird and yet tiny circle of grief that washes over you when a pet dies. She was this critter that lived in our house, so utterly dependent on us and like many dogs this animal that had this narrow swirl of people who she interacted with on anything more than a superficial basis. Every day we get bumped and reminded of the hole she left behind, the gap that remains, the patter of little paws that no longer appear as expected in those quiet moments between the big events of life. Meanwhile the world goes on. It always does. And we stumble along trying to keep a balance between proportion and respect, as we push into our new reality as a dog-less house. It matters a lot to us and a few others, but most everyone else has gotten over it I’m sure. Part of that is with words: I’ve been hiding, not sure what to write as the post that follows the sad message about my dog passing. So, maybe just this: a soft restart. Not moving on, not forgetting, but just back to trudging along.

8 Aug 02016 | asides & shorts | blogger
The Last Day


25 Jul 02016 | 149 views | 3 minutes of your time

The puppy we once knew had long left the slowly sauntering animal who plodded along at the end of a slack leash now.

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